I have worked in or been involved with the masonry and construction industry my whole live. Back in the day my grandfather Papa Joe owned and operated a block manufacturing company called Lindsay Concrete Products. It’s where my father and I got our names. As my grandfather stepped away from the business my dad took it over and grew it into a powerhouse in the Inland Empire.

Growing up I was always there, picking up weeds, loading guys trucks, shooting rabbits with my pellet gun and driving forklifts. I started working there around 8 years old. From that time forward I worked with a lot of tough guys in the industry. Especially masons, they are a badass group of rough, tough, no bullshit, hard work, drinkin, somkin, do the job right kinda guys. One who really stood out was a guy named Chuck. He was a legend in the industry and a veteran of the game. I had the pleasure of working with him for about a year in my early twenties. This man was the epitome of a life putting in hard work. Just look into his eyes, take note of the wrinkles in his face, notice his sun beat leather skin and let him tell you his story.

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