I was asked by my dear brother Jeff Gonzales to be the best man at his wedding. It was an absolute honor, we had an amazing lead up to the wedding with the bachelor party antics which took place in Austin Texas. On wedding day it was time for me to deliver the best man speech. I’m sharing it here so that it can live on in this digital space forever. I want to come back and read this 10 years from now and be teleported back to that day. Love ya Jess & Jeff.

“Congrats to the two of you, so beautiful very special moment witnessing that holy union, powerful stuff right there.

Got to give a shout out to Father VanZee. This was his second wedding and it’s really something special that both Jeff and I we’re able to get married by one of our closest friends.

Thank you Father VanZee…

Dan…Ernie…1 of you 2 are up next.

We’re all here for Mr & Mrs Jeffery & Jessica Gonzales! That sounds good, Jessica Gonzales. Probably going to take a little getting used to for you though huh Jess?


You’ll be at the grocery store, got all your groceries, big line behind you, you’ll pull out your credit card….

The clerk will be like…

Jessica Gonzales…

Mmmm…miss Gonzales….I’m going to need to see some ID.

Not only did Jessica change names but she’s also going to be converting to Catholicism…

Jess you’re really fully onboard the Mexican conversion….

Mariachi.. Gonzales… Catholicism

I like it.. you’re doing what it takes.

Jeff, now that it’s official you get to bring all of us back together next year and throw Jessicas official retro active quinceañera.

Just going to set you back another 10 grand. So plan accordingly.

But really, so proud of you guys, Jessica is an amazing women I’ve really enjoyed getting to know here. She’s really the only one I know who will laugh at all of Jeff’s stupid jokes.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Jeff’s a funny guy, but let’s be honest he bats about 350 on the one liners, but to Jess he’s hitting 1000.

I’ve known Jeff for a long time, we go way back..all the way to T-ball on the Pittsburgh pirates.

But it really wasn’t tell Jr high when we really hit it off. That’s where our group The Freebirds was formed. Dan, Ernie, Jeff, Tim & I crusing around Redlands in a 1984 VW golf. Thats when the roots were laid. A dynamic group of young men. A really handsome group of young men at that, Jeff you’re probably the best looking just behind Dan & I.

Sorry Tim and Ernie it’s just not even close. But come on…Tim’s a priest and Ernies a dwarf. They get enough attention.

But seriously, we had a lot of fun growing up together. In all the years of knowing Jeff there are a few things that I know and really look up to.

Jeff has always known exactly what he wants to do. Even in JR high he knew, I’m going to Norte Dame and I’m going into the military. That’s exactly what he did, unwavering determination to achieve that. Extremely commendable especially at that age.

His leadership skills, willingness to lay it out there, he is a great friend who always listens, he is an endless romantic and he’ll be building a family with his princess and the love of his life.

I think I can speak for all of us here that we are so excited and blessed to be apart of this special day, but more so to be with you as the two of you grow together. Jeff and Jess, cheers to a lifetime of growth and fulfillment in living out the sacrament of marriage. And making babies!!!!


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