Fun recap by @loveandblackpearls of our big night airing on Shark Tank.


Sounds crazy? Not if you ever meet Lindsay(Coolest Name EVER) Barto and Chris Healy. But you don’t even have to meet them to get immediate inspiration since yesterday they aired on the very popular show Shark Tank. 

Last night I went to the bar Loading Dock in Little Italy along with 100 or so other Long Hair fans and followers to watch the premier of their appearance. The night was hot with excitement (Lindsay and Chris had kept the end results a secret!) and I was a little amazed that majority of the men surrounding me had longer and nicer hair than me! But I was immediately distracted when I set my eyes on the two San Diego natives and longtime best friends. If Lindsay had a color aura his would be SPARKLE. And I say that with all the umFFF in the world. He’s full…

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